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ArtfulBits Column Permissions allows you to manage access to list content on column level. Permissions can be assigned for individual users and for SharePoint groups as well and are effective in forms and list views, as well as in the SharePoint Alerts, RSS, Datasheet and even during exporting to Excel and opening with Access.

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Assign individual permissions to each columns in list

If there are particular columns in SharePoint list that contain sensitive data that must be secured independently of containing list, you need ArtfulBits Column Permissions. It is powerful tool to manage column-level permissions that are effective in any column view, included New/Edit/ and Display item forms, list views, MS Access, Excel, Datasheet, Alerts and RSS.

ArtfulBits Column Permissions are not overriding SharePoint list permissions; they set additional restrictions to access individual column data.

Column Permissions description, photo 1
Column Permissions description, photo 2

Apply permissions to individual users and SharePoint groups

Permissions can be the following:

  • Full Control – full control over the column content
  • Read Only – disables possibility to manipulate by the column content
  • Hidden – disable possibility to view column content

Swiftly verify effective permissions

Each column can have set of permission entries associated with it. Having multiple permissions applied, can sometimes confuse.

ArtfulBits Column Permissions provides mechanism to check effective permissions. In Check Effective Permission section choose list column and specify SharePoint user to find out what permissions this user has on specified list column.

Column Permissions description, photo 3
Column Permissions description, photo 4

Column Permissions can be applied to Attachments

Item attachment can also be a matter of security. If you’d like your users to be able to see the item itself, but not the attachments, you can use ArtfulBits Column Permissions for that.

You can also make the attachment viewable, but not editable.

Supported read-only and hidden permissions for individual columns
Assigned to individual users and SharePoint groups
Effective for item New/Edit/Display forms
Works with Attachments
Applied to list views
Effective for Alerts, linking to Access, editing in Datasheet, exporting to Excel
Supported check effective permissions
Hide or disable columns on server side
Language pack support (desired localization could be added by request)
SP 2016 SP 2013 SP 2010 SP 2007

Release Notes

(May 16, 2017)
(October 06, 2016)
(March 22, 2013)
(July 13, 2012)
(May 23, 2012)
(April 18, 2012)
(March 02, 2012)
(June 03, 2011)
(April 23, 2011)
New Features:
  • Added SharePoint 2016 support
Minor bugs fixed.
New Features:
  • Added SharePoint 2013 support
  • Added RTL support
  • Added Russian and German localizations
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed column permissions for standard view and datasheet view
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed column permissions for connections web parts
  • Fixed column permissions in web part list view placed on other page
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed Alerts when Column Permission is enabled for list
Bugs Fixed:
  • Disabled value validation of read-only fields in Edit Item form
  • Added support for new licensing model (ArtfulBits License Manager v1.4)
Initial Release

Before installation, please, check that your target server meets System Requirements.

IMPORTANT!!! ArtfulBits License Manager must be installed before you install the component. If it is already installed, you can proceed with the installation of your product. If ArtfulBits License Manager is not installed, you can do it by one of the following methods:

  • Open ArtfulBits License Manager page, download its installer on your server, run it and install

  • Download Full Package of the product, find License Manager in ArtfulBits License Manager folder and run its installer

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