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ArtfulBits Email as Attachment allows sending one or more documents as attachments directly from SharePoint library. To make sending multiple documents more convenient, they can be compressed into a single archive file before sending. Additionally, ArtfulBits Email as Attachment provides a useful feature that is downloading compressed files directly to file system, without sending.

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Send files as email attachments directly from document library

There is no need to download files to local file system in order to attach it to your email. Just select desired files in any Document Library and attach them to your email with just one click.

Available from library ribbon and item drop-down menu

You can perform 3 actions from either location:

  • Send as Attachment (open Outlook New Mail form and attach selected documents)
  • Send As Archive (compress selected files into one archive and attach)
  • Download as archive (compress selected files in archive and downloads to your file system)

Email As Attachment description, photo 1
Email As Attachment description, photo 2

Send documents as attachments – not as links

OOTB SharePoint on-premise functionality doesn't allow you to send files as attachments to your email. You should download it to your local drive, or you can send a link to file. In SharePoint Online you can share the document. However with Email As Attachment web part you enable your SharePoint users to attach any file or group of files directly to their message. Sometimes this feature is extremely required. Especially when communicating with external users, and exchanging important documents with them.

Send multiple selected documents in archive

If there are too many files to be sent in one email, you can add them all in just one click as one archive. Simply and swiftly.

Send documents directly from Document library
Compress documents and send an archive
Compress documents and download an archive
Use Microsoft Outlook
Multiple documents selection supported
Display Send as Attachment action in item Drop-Down Menu and in ribbon
Easy to configure
Language pack support (desired localization can be added by request)
SP 2016 SP 2013 SP 2010

Release Notes

(April 22, 2013)
(July 25, 2014)
(November 17, 2016)
Initial Release
New Features:
  • Added Dutch localization
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed conflict with some ribbon actions
  • Fixed issues with SharePoint Document Sets
New Features:
  • Added Sharepoint 2016 support

Before installation, please, check that your target server meets System Requirements.

IMPORTANT!!! ArtfulBits License Manager must be installed before you install the component. If it is already installed, you can proceed with the installation of your product. If ArtfulBits License Manager is not installed, you can do it by one of the following methods:

  • Open ArtfulBits License Manager page, download its installer on your server, run it and install

  • Download Full Package of the product, find License Manager in ArtfulBits License Manager folder and run its installer

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