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Need to organize well formatted conversation in the list item without enabling list versioning? Discussion Column is the right choice. Component allows entering rich text with formatting, images, tables, hyperlinks and other features.

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Organize discussion without enabling list versioning

It is possible to use standard SharePoint "Multiple lines of text" column with "Append Changes to Existing Text" option for organizing discussion, but:

  • Versioning of a list has to be turned on.
  • New version is created each time items are edited.
  • Even if you edit item, new record will be displayed in discussion history, whether it is empty or not.

ArtfulBits Discussion Column resolves these problems and avoids list versioning. Also it does not append empty records to discussion history.

Discussion Column description, photo 1
Discussion Column description, photo 2

Adjustable display of history

You can allow or restrict showing the discussion history in the list view. If you restrict it, then only a link to it will be displayed in the list view.

You can also set up permissions for editing comments by different users: by site admin only, by list owner or each user can edit their own comments.

Adjustable display of users

You can use option “Show user login” in order to display user login name or hide it. Users name are shown with the links to their profiles.

Position of user login name can be changed to either above or beneath the comment.

Discussion Column description, photo 3
Organizing discussion without enabling list versioning
Comments editing
Filtering of empty records
Ability to show whole discussion history or only link to it in list view
Show user name as a link to user profile page
Display posts in chronological or reverse chronological order
Choosing position of user signature
Import data (text) from existing Microsoft® SharePoint® Multiple lines of text column
Language pack support (desired localization could be added by request)
SP 2019 SP 2016 SP 2013 SP 2010 SP 2007

Release Notes

(December 10, 2018)
(April 27, 2017)
(April 22, 2013)
(February 07, 2012)
(June 09, 2011)
(June 03, 2011)
(April 27, 2011)
(March 23, 2011)
(February 4, 2011)
(January 22, 2011)
(November 16, 2010)
(July 08, 2010)
(June 11, 2010)
(May 13, 2010)
(February 01, 2010)
(January 21, 2010)
(January 12, 2010)
(November 02, 2009)
New Features:
  • Added SharePoint 2019 support (for classic mode)
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed minor issues
New Features:
  • Added SharePoint 2016 support
New Features:
  • Added SharePoint 2013 support
  • Added cross-browser support for comment editing
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed column settings update
  • Added support for new licensing model (ArtfulBits License Manager v1.4)
  • Added "Save site as template" support
  • Added item custom forms support
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed issue when column version upgraded
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed SharePoint Alerts
New Features:
  • Added Russian and German localization

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed minor issues
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed error with 6622 Event ID in Event Viewer (Field type DummyField has duplicated definition)
New Features:
  • Added comments editing functionality

  • Improved Setup Wizard
New Features:
  • SharePoint 2010 support added

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed column value clearing during item editing (when nothing entered)
Bugs Fixed:
  • Problem with product version (Setup Wizard only)
New Features:
  • Added ability to import data (text) from existing SharePoint Multiple lines of text column
New Features:
  • Added Entries’ order customization (chronological or reverse chronological order)
  • Added Signature position property (displays user signature on top or bottom of an entry)

  • Improved Setup Wizard
Initial Release

Before installation, please, check that your target server meets System Requirements.

IMPORTANT!!! ArtfulBits License Manager must be installed before you install the component. If it is already installed, you can proceed with the installation of your product. If ArtfulBits License Manager is not installed, you can do it by one of the following methods:

  • Open ArtfulBits License Manager page, download its installer on your server, run it and install

  • Download Full Package of the product, find License Manager in ArtfulBits License Manager folder and run its installer

discussion userguide 788 KB

User guide.

discussion installguide 944 KB

Install guide.

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