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Professional Blog web part is intended to enhance the standard SharePoint blog functionality. It complements and extends it with the possibility of adding video or zoomable image and preview, providing tags for the blog entries, supporting the categorization and tags cloud, filtering the entries by category or tag, configurable global settings (i.e. item count on page, tag cloud limit, etc.) and many more.

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Rich set of blogging features for professional blogs

ArtfulBits Blog significantly enhances capabilities of the standard SharePoint Blog site with the tag cloud, zoomable image, external links section, search blog entries by category or tag, and many other powerful options.

Images and videos are provided in separate blog entries entities, not within the body of an article, thus making them more visibly pleasant in the general view.

ArtfulBits Blog description, photo 1
ArtfulBits Blog description, photo 2

Users can interact with each other as in a social network

User can comment the article and they can comment each other! This feature literally turns your blog into a social network by enabling user interaction. Standard SharePoint Blog site provide a possibility only to comment an article.

Users can “Likes” and “Dislike” each other’s comments, thus making the process of evaluation more objective. Standard SharePoint Blog site provide a possibility only to like a comment.

Configurable branding theme

You can customize the look of your blog so that it conveyed your own style. Change the colors of the buttons, article titles, highlight menu and “like/dislike” buttons and many other settings.

ArtfulBits Blog description, photo 3
ArtfulBits Blog description, photo 4

Convenient archive

ArtfulBits blog archive provides all article info in a single view - images, video, article name, blog entry body. It makes it easy to browse through the archive, the same as through the main view. On the other hand, SharePoint Blog site displays only the name and metadata.

If you create a blog entry in hindsight with a past date, you will be able to see it in the archive under the corresponding time category. While SharePoint Blog site do not provide this possibility.

Support of categorization and tagging for blog entries
Comments system
Use of SharePoint profile service to display commenter’s profile picture
Configurable tag cloud
Possibility of adding video/zoomable image to blog entry view & preview
Rich blog entry body text editor (supports standard SharePoint html editor)
Rich pagination
“Read more/less” & “Show more comments” blog entry preview functionality
Filtering by category/tag
Archive page (supports filtering by month)
Links page (supports adding custom links)
Configurable menu (supports adding custom menu links or changing existing)
Configurable global settings (i.e. item count on page, tag cloud limit, etc.)
Easy to install (site template)
Expandable (features may be added by request)
Language pack support (desired localization can be added by request)
SP 2016 SP 2013 SP 2010

Release Notes

(August 29, 2017)
(November 02, 2016)
(June 19, 2014)
New Features:
  • Added Russian localization
  • Added Ukrainian localization
New Features:
  • Added SharePoint 2016 support
Initial Release

Before installation, please, check that your target server meets System Requirements.

IMPORTANT!!! ArtfulBits License Manager must be installed before you install the component. If it is already installed, you can proceed with the installation of your product. If ArtfulBits License Manager is not installed, you can do it by one of the following methods:

  • Open ArtfulBits License Manager page, download its installer on your server, run it and install

  • Download Full Package of the product, find License Manager in ArtfulBits License Manager folder and run its installer

Blog UserGuide 1 MB

User guide.

Blog InstallGuide 861 KB

Install guide.

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