Peculiarities of SharePoint add-in publishing


In this article, we would like to share our experience in publishing add-ins for SharePoint in Microsoft store. SharePoint market is still a developing phenomenon, even though there’ve been multiple attempts made by Microsoft for providing marketing channels, like Pinpoint and others. On the other side, they had always been targeted at the narrower group of technical specialists rather than at the end consumers.

SharePoint market, in any guise, has no choice but be focused on technical specialists. They are the ones who will make the final decision on whether this or that particular SharePoint solution from any 3-rd party fits the infrastructure of their employer. However, on the other side, there are other parties involved in this process – business reps, sales reps and etc. So, one must remember about the importance of conveying both – information about business values along with sound technical solutions, when publishing SharePoint add-in. Equipping you for this task is the main purpose of this article.

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1. Register Microsoft account on

2. Register as developer on

This is is the step where you will be asked to pay . The amount depends on your country. It varies significantly from approximately $100 to $30 a year for a company. Cost of individual developer account is even less than that.

If you want to publish SharePoint add-in you must start with Office program.

Note: there are plenty of Microsoft documentation, webinars and guides about best practices of creating you Microsoft developer (seller) account. In the article we will not expand on that, as this process is trivial and similar to other registrations on Apple Store or Google Play.

3. Process of business verification

Business verification normally include few days. First, you will be sent an email asking to confirm your registration. Next, you may receive a call. Email is sent almost instantly or at least within a few hours. However, a phone can take a while.

Make sure your answering machine is on, and the message on it says your company name. You may receive a phone call at an unexpected time, and if the caller won’t be able to confirm that this is your company, the process of verification will be cancelled. In this case you will need to start the entire process all over again.

Peculiarities of SharePoint add-in publishing, image 3

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